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Client Loyalty Bonus Scheme


Recommendations from satisfied clients are an extremely important marketing tool for any business. J F Law Limited prides itself on delivering an excellent service for its clients, and wishes to reward the loyalty of its satisfied clients if they recommend a new client to us, or decide to instruct us to act on their behalf again in the future.

J F Law Limited is mindful of the provisions of The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders’ Act 2012, and accordingly will not make any payment for referrals as defined under that Act. J F Law Limited has also given consideration to the ban on inducements in personal injury matters introduced by the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015.

The Scheme

  • To be eligible for a loyalty bonus under this scheme, the initial contact with J F Law Limited MUST come from the prospective client directly. No information regarding the prospective client may be provided to J F Law Limited by another party. This means that if you do recommend our services to a friend you should ask them to call us direct. To help us identify you as the Recommender please make sure that your friend gives us your full name when they contact us. If they prefer to make contact via our online forms we will be happy to call them back but that form MUST be filled in by the prospective client.
  • Where the prospective client informs us that we have been recommended to him or her by another person (‘the Recommender’), the Recommender shall be eligible for a Loyalty Bonus.
  • Please note that J F Law Limited can only make a payment to you under this scheme if the person to whom you have recommended our services contacts us in accordance with point 1 above. If you attempt to provide us with details of a potential client we will not be able to make any payment to you as this would constitute a breach of the legislation referred to above.
  • The Loyalty Bonus shall not become payable until an unequivocal admission of liability has been made by the other side’s insurers and when the prospective client has provided satisfactory ID, attended their medical and agreed the report. In other words, we will make the payment to you at the point at which we are satisfied that other side accept that they are the party at fault and we are satisfied that the prospective client is cooperating with us and is bona fide.
  • The Loyalty Bonus shall be £250 except for claims on behalf of a minor which will be £100 instead. CICA claims are not eligible for any loyalty bonus. The amount of the Loyalty Bonus may be amended from time to time without notice at the absolute discretion of J F Law Limited.
  • Payment of the Loyalty Bonus shall be made only to the Recommender and only when ID is supplied.
  • In any case where a Loyalty Bonus is paid, that payment will be confirmed in writing to the potential client as part of our terms and conditions.
  • James Ware our Marketing Executive is the person responsible for overseeing the operation of the Client Loyalty Bonus Scheme. If you have any queries about the operation of the scheme you should contact him in the first instance on 0151 375 9916.
  • The Loyalty Bonus Scheme is designed to reward you for recommending our services where you become aware that a friend or family member may need advice. There is to be no touting for claims and you may not offer any inducement to any party to bring a claim.
  • The decision to pay any Loyalty Bonus in any matter is entirely at the discretion of J F Law Limited and J F Law Limited may withdraw the scheme at any time without notice.


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