Criminal Injury Claims

Even without a suspect, a criminal injury claim can still be made if you are the victim of a crime and are injured. In cases where the suspect would be unable to pay you any compensation, we look at how you could claim.

What Is A Criminal Injury?

A criminal injury is any form of bodily, emotional or property damage that you suffer because of a crime. It can be a criminal act that is perpetrated against you personally or something you become accidentally involved in. There are some typical scenarios that can create criminal injury:

  • Rape or sexual assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Street crime: theft and muggings
  • Domestic abuse
  • Hit and run road accidents

How Do You Claim For Criminal Injuries?

When you seek compensation for injuries as the victim of crime, it’s quite possible the perpetrator is either unable to pay you any damages or is simply never apprehended. With this in mind, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) was set up to assess claims and help compensate the victims of serious crimes.

Using their own tariff and eligibility criteria for injury payments, CICA looks at each case individually. Compensation awards are not absolutely guaranteed and there are certain criteria that need to be met, such as:

  • You must report the crime to the police
  • Cooperate in the police’s apprehending of the suspect

In addition to this, there are time limits for making a claim for compensation as the victim of crime such as:

  • You should apply within two years of the crime happening.
  • If the crime happened when you were a child and nobody reported it to the police, you would have up to two years to claim from the date you report it as an adult.
  • If the crime was reported to the police when you were a child, but nobody claimed on your behalf, you’d be able to claim once you turn 18 up until the date of your 20th birthday.

There are other circumstances that can impact the time limit. We recommend asking a legal professional for advice on how long you might have to claim.

No Win No Fee Criminal Injury Claims

Victims of serious crime can be overwhelmed trying to recover from their harrowing experiences. The prospect of organising a case for compensation against their attacker can be too much for many. Though a lawyer could help organise the case, funding one can seem unaffordable. A No Win No Fee lawyer can relieve this burden.

Acting on your behalf, they can seek compensation for you either from the other side or through CICA. And they can do this without charging upfront or ongoing fees for their work. What’s more, you’d only have to pay the lawyer’s fees if the claim is successful. If it’s not successful, you don’t pay any lawyer fees at all. 

The success fee is a small percentage of the compensation and, for your benefit, it’s capped by law.

How JF Law Can Help You

At JF Law, our advisors can discuss your case in complete confidence with no obligation for you to proceed with our services. We could connect you with a No Win No Fee lawyer who can evaluate what you may be owed fully and put a compelling case forward for you.

Proof of injuries with a medical assessment and evidence of out-of-pocket expenses can be used to support your claim. In the hands of a skilled personal injury lawyer, your request for compensation can be successful. Get in touch today to see how our lawyers can help you get the justice and compensation you are owed.

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