We have an outstanding team of expert solicitors who are renowned for their expertise in the field of personal injury. We deal with many cases that come under the umbrella term of personal injury and are waiting to answer any queries regarding a personal injury claim you suspect you may have, no claim is too big or too small for our outstanding team of lawyers. Personal injury claims are made easy and hassle free by us, you will be constantly updated on every aspect of your claim. You will personally be assigned your own personal injury lawyer that will cater to every part of your case and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have..

We offer free legal advice to those who have had a personally injury claim or anyone who would just like advice, you will be able to speak to a fully qualified solicitor concerning matters of a compensation claim before entering in to any legal litigation. If you are unsure as to whether you have a case for compensation why not arrange a free consultation with an expert solicitor who specialises in the area of your personal injury case, they can advise you on the best course of action with no obligation to take out your claim case with us. Our solicitors are here to ensure that you receive justice and will assist you in any way necessary to achieve a successful outcome.

We are open 7 days a week, call our free phone number on 0800 408 7848  where you can receive free advice and arrange to speak to a solicitor regarding the merits of your claim. Our solicitors who have had many years of experience and dealt with numerous amounts of compensation claim cases are waiting your call. Alternatively you can simply complete our online contact form and a solicitor who specialises in the area of your personal injury will contact you at a time that is more convenient to you. We must stress that the advice you receive is free and you are at no obligation once you receive such important advice.

We are extremely confident in the skills and knowledge we have as personal injury lawyers that we deal with compensation claim cases on a No Win No Fee Basis and can assure our clients that when appointing their claim to us they are not at any financial risk. We have an excellent success rate and for that reason we can take on such personal injury cases using a conditional fee agreement which means that if your case concludes in a loss you will not have to pay any legal fees to us or the opposing side. In real terms you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

We are renowned for the service we offer our clients who would highly recommend us to any future potential clients as we leave no stone un-turned when it comes to each case. All of our solicitors are specially trained in all the areas of personal injury and will ensure your case reaches its maximum potential.

For free legal advice and a free consultation from an expert solicitor do not hesitate to call our free phone number at any time of the day and we will assist you any way we can.

Types of Personal Injury Compensation Claim Cases

Road Traffic Accidents

Our solicitors have a vast amount of experience when dealing with road traffic accident claims with an excellent success rate of 98% and a high quality service we supply to all our clients. We are a leading law firm in our field. We take on numerous car accident claims each and everyday and with a professional highly dedicated team we ensure we not only represent you in a court of law but we will also ensure that you are put back in to the position if possible both health wise and financially. The whole claiming process need not be feared we make it as simple as possible keeping you up to date every step of the way and always on hand to answer any queries you may have. We take in to account that the whole experience of any road traffic accident can have a huge affect on a person’s life so we are here to support you in any way we can.

Whiplash Claims

We deal with all types of whiplash claims whether you are the driver of a vehicle, a passenger in a car, bus or taxi regardless of the severity of your claim we can assist you with any whiplash injury you may have. Whiplash has different levels of severity and in its most severe form can be a very serious injury indeed. Whiplash often affects the neck and shoulder area of a person who has experienced sudden movement of the neck and head causing ligament and muscles to tear and become damaged. Nothing to be taken lightly. When a person is injured through no fault of their own they may be able to seek compensation not just for the injuries sustained but for the inconveniences they may experience.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

We are very aware that a huge majority of motorcycle and bicycle accidents are due to others on the road who lack care and duty, we are fully committed to ensuring that those injured in such a way are represented accordingly so that drivers are made aware that such accidents can happen. We pride ourselves in ensuring victims of such accidents receive the maximum amount compensation they deserve and that if any further medical treatment or rehabilitation is needed that it is received at the earliest possible moment.

Accidents at Work

As a firm we deal with many different types of accidents at work every day and the biggest issue we come across is people feeling added pressure with regards to making a claim against their employer, however you can rest assure that your employer will have insurance that has been specially purchased for such incidents and if the matter is not dealt with accordingly another employee could be injured in the same way. All information is kept in the strictest of confidence and will only be used with your consent. Accidents at work can range from unsafe working conditions, loss of hearing, accidents without the correct use of safety wear to slips or trips that happen at work environments.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip, trip and falls can happen anywhere often in public areas and more often than not, are not the fault of another however there are some accidents that happen due to the negligence of others and for that reason the law has made it possible so that people can claim compensation for their injuries. Compensation is made available so that people are compensated for injuries caused due to the negligence of others but also so that people who are responsible for their surroundings maintain and practice a duty of care. We are dedicated in ensuring people of slip or trip accidents are represented in the most efficient way possible so that their case is heard in the most appropriate way and maximum compensation is received.